Advanced and Modern Laser Hair Removal Technologies

Unwanted hair on the body is a stressful thing and maintaining a smooth hair-free skin for a long time is not possible. The traditional methods to remove unwanted hair such as waxing, threading, plucking, causes pain, ingrown hair, and serve with temporary results.

One experiences unwanted hair on arms, legs, chin, upper lips, back, etc. Although temporary solutions are vividly used to resort the problem of unwanted hair, a permanent solution to it is desired by all. Therefore, the best dermatologist in Gurgaon, Dr. Niti Gaur suggests laser hair removal treatment to achieve long term results. This method is effective and results in smooth and hair-free skin for a longer duration of time.

Dr Niti Gaur at Aster Dermatology, Gurgaon supervises the laser treatments with a blend of modern cosmetic innovation and clinical dermatology. Aster Dermatology is one of the best skin clinic in Gurgaon, and is equipped with various world-class laser technologies to provide safety and optimum results to the patients.

The advanced and modern laser technologies that Aster Dermatology in Gurgaon uses are:

Diode Laser: Diode laser has an extensive wavelength which is best suited for dark skin tones and coarse hair

Nd:YAG Laser: This technology is used by most of the dermatologists to treat fine hair and large body part areas. This laser technology is also said to be effective for all skin types, including dark skin tone and tanned skin.

Alexandrite Laser: This laser technology uses short-wavelength but is fast and hence is used to treat a larger area. This laser treatment is preferred for a lighter skin tone.

Laser hair removal treatment is proven to be one of the best solutions to get rid of unwanted hair. It helps in destroying the hair follicles in very less time with minimal downtime. At Aster Dermatology in Gurgaon, the laser hair removal process comprises of concentrated laser light which is targeted on the affected area based on the skin type and expected results. This laser treatment helps in destroying and damaging the hair follicles resulting in hair reduction.

The laser process starts with the application of a cooling gel for the laser light to invade deep into the skin. A laser beam, according to skin type, colour, the thickness of hair, is adjusted. Then the laser beam is shot on the targeted area, which results in burning and damaging the hair follicles. This also prevents the hair from growing in future. Although the process comes with minimal downtime, a dermatologist may ask to use cold water or anti-inflammatory lotions to ease the discomfort.

At Aster Dermatology in Gurgaon, the skin specialists understand the skin type, texture and thickness of hair, as it all differs from one person to another. Therefore, they offer customized packages of treatments and sessions to attain the best possible results. For expert medical consultancy regarding laser hair removal in Gurgaon , visit Aster Dermatology.

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