Get Youthful and Supple Skin Again with Non-Invasive Procedures!

Various factors can affect the skin aging process. Living in a tropical country like India can be extremely stressful for the skin due to the constant exposure to sunlight and increasing pollution. When coupled with unhealthy lifestyle habits like drinking, smoking, eating an unbalanced diet, irregular sleep schedules, and even genetics can make the skin lose its natural glow and texture. As the skin loses its natural elasticity and firmness, it becomes saggy and provides with an old and tired appearance.

The rise in the popularity of non-invasive skin procedures has completely altered the aesthetic practice. With the advancement in technology, the patient now has less painful, less invasive, and less expensive solutions for correcting aging skin concerns, which are not only comfortable procedures but also provide minimal downtime. Thread lift is one of the most popular and also a non-surgical facelift procedure that offers anti-aging benefits. It is a less invasive procedure that utilizes absorbable sutures to lift and realign sagging tissues to restore a natural-looking supple look to the skin. Aster Dermatology provides thread lift procedure under the expert guidance and supervision of the best skin doctor in Gurgaon Dr. Niti Gaur. Under the leadership of Dr. Niti Gaur, Aster Dermatology, the best skin clinic in Gurgaon provides the highest quality skincare using standard medical practices and techniques.

The thread lift procedure uses absorbable sutures consisting of biodegradable polymers to lift and re-contour the lower and middle sections of the face. The threads are loaded with the help of injections in the target skin layer to instantly tighten and lift the target sagging skin areas suffering from volume loss like jowls, cheeks, neck, and lips. These sutures also stimulate the body’s hydrolysis process, and this, in result, boosts collagen production in the targeted areas and provides an improved skin appearance.

Tiny conical umbrella-like attachments are present on the threads that lift and tighten the skin from underneath, while simultaneously causing inflammation in the area that helps stimulate the collagen growth over time. A thread lift is more advantageous than a “liquid facelift” since it not only takes lesser time to perform but also has a shorter recovery time of just one to two days. The procedure gives an immediate anti-aging effect by reducing visible signs of aging like baggy skin, wrinkles, deep creases near eyes & nose, and fine lines. The process provides both continuous and gradual rejuvenation to the facial tissues since it boosts the collagen production in the target skin areas. At Aster Dermatology, Dr. Niti Gaur and her team of experts provide the best thread lift treatment in Gurgaon to ensure natural and optimum results are provided to the patient.

The associated downtime with the treatment is minimal, and the recovery is also not intensive since the procedure does not require any incisions. This treatment is especially suitable for individuals who are struggling with moderate or mild signs of skin laxity. While some people may experience a little soreness, redness along with swelling after having a thread lift, but this subsides within a few days, and most patients can return to regular activity within a few hours after the treatment. It is vital to maintain a few precautions during recovery, like not rubbing the face too vigorously while applying lotions or creams or cleaning it. It is also advised to prop the head up slightly to ensure not rolling directly onto the face while sleeping. For information regarding thread lift in Gurgaon, consult Dr. Niti Gaur, at Aster Dermatology to avail the multiple benefits of this treatment today!

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